Network Associate

We are looking for Network Associate / Cabling Specialist in Islamabad.

Job Type: Full Time
Location: Islamabad

Job Details:

1. responsible for installing maintaining and repairing of cable infrastructure in a low voltage environment
2.Install and terminate low voltage and computer network both Copper and fibre outlets to industries standards.
3.Professional organise form dress and label pre terminated low voltage cabling.
3. Test every newly installed or relocated cable in accordance with established procedure.
4. Perform major and minor preventive maintenance and repair by trouble shooting cabling system issues.
5. Identification and resolution of Copper and optical fibre issues.
6. Planning and understanding the entire scope of the assign project.
7. Conduction of Sight service reading and falling projects timelines.
Preferred Skills:
1. Manufacture training preferred.
2. Excellent Customer services.
3. Must be able to communicate in English verbal or written.
4. teamwork
Experience: 1 – 2 years

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