About 92 Techno

The Best Staffing Solution You Ever Want for Your Business

92 techno provide staffing expertise to a wide range of industries. We provide a staffing solution dedicated to Technology & IT, Health and Care, Finance & Accounting, Management Resources, Creative & Marketing, Legal and Executive Search in all organizations except Govt. sectors.

Get Succeed Your Business with the Best Staffing

92 Techno provides a full-fledged team with an office set up offshore and minimize your hiring risks. We provide excellent solutions to help those companies, who are looking to build, expand or mature their technology implementations. Our mission is to provide experienced and smart IT resources to those companies who are facing challenges in setting up new growth plans.

How It Works

How 92 Techno’s Personalized Approach Works

We are the best web designing and development company in USA and Pakistan that will guide you to your online success. Here at 92 Techno, we understand that having a responsive website design and development has become a necessity for businesses who aimed to reach their targeted audience to dispatch, advertise and sell their products or services. We aspire to deliver the best web design and development services that cooperate with your business needs, goals and longings. It’s our job to make sure that your website runs steadily and helps you keep your business running effortlessly.