Experienced ML/AI Engineer

Experienced: 2 Years

We are looking for an experienced ML/AI engineer to join our team for building next generation of automation solutions, in our Islamabad office.


  • Choosing, extending and innovating ML solutions for various automation problems
  • Applying ML techniques, such as data/text mining, text/document analysis, image/text/audio classification, speech recognition
  • Documenting and explaining the rationale and design considerations behind the selection of an ML approach
  • Learning about and understanding our supported businesses in order to find practical and successful solutions


  • Bachelors of Computer Science / Engineering with special diploma / course work, or MS / PhD in an ML-related field or demonstrated expertise in ML
  • 2-4 of research and development experience in ML
  • Experience in classical ML techniques including classification, clustering, optimization, cross validation, data wrangling, feature selection, and feature extraction
  • Expertise in ML areas such as template matching, feature descriptors, CNNs
  • Text-mining, NLP, bag-of-words, word2vec, RNNs, text clustering, NER

Hands-on expertise

  • Caffe, Theano, Torch, TensorFlow, MXNet
  • Python, Java, C/C++

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