DataOps Engineer

We are looking for a DataOps Engineer in Lahore.

Job Type: Full Time Onsite

Role Definition

Cloud Computing – AWS:

  • Monitor the performance of cloud servers and services, ensuring optimal operation and resource utilization.
  • Conduct capacity planning and storage planning to support current and future business needs.
  • Take proactive measures to enhance database performance and ensure seamless operation of cloud services.

Database Administration:

  • Design and implement databases that meet the requirements of our users, considering scalability and performance.
  • Facilitate data transfer and migration processes, including migrations to cloud-based solutions and between applications.
  • Analyze SQL queries to identify and address performance bottlenecks, deadlocks, and slow performance.
  • Maintain SQL queries, ad-hoc queries, and query execution plans to optimize database interactions.
  • Perform daily monitoring and maintenance of automated processes, collaborating closely with the application development team.
  • Implement best practices for database security, backup, and recovery to safeguard critical data assets.

OutSystems and Integrations:

  • Utilize a good understanding of the OutSystems platform to integrate databases.
  • Develop and optimize SQL queries within the OutSystems environment.
  • Manage third-party integrations with OutSystems, including SOLR and REDIS.
  • Oversee migrations of data and applications across different environments, ensuring smooth transitions.

Data Management and Migration:

  • Utilize tools such as Data Migration Manager for OutSystems to streamline data migration processes.
  • Build and optimize data pipelines to facilitate efficient data processing.
  • Develop a deep understanding of data models for existing and future migration projects.
  • Create comprehensive documentation to guide future migration endeavors. A
  • cquire DMM certification and gain a thorough grounding in the process of moving WR1 data between environments

Query Optimization:

  • Identify and address performance bottlenecks in Oracle and MS SQL database systems.
  • Optimize database queries for improved speed and efficiency.
  • Design and implement appropriate indexes to enhance query performance.
  • Collaborate with development teams to optimize database interactions based on application requirements.


  • Provide OutSystems Platform issues insight when reported.
  • Assist in building better monitoring processes.
  • Support and Maintain our CI/CD pipeline.
  • Build internal utilities to assist in Support and Maintenance of Application stack – in the appropriate technology : Outsytems, Powershell, Python, C#

Documenting Procedures and Policies:

  • Prepare, validate, and update technical support documentation to ensure clarity and accuracy.
  • Define processes and policies related to cloud computing, database administration, and application integration.

Skills that will be expected or acquired:

  • CI/CD Tools – Jenkins
  • Outsystems DevOps experience
  • AWS Services
  • Outsystems Integration
  • Outsystems Platform Systems Administration experience
  • Microsoft Powershell
  • Outsystems Release Management
  • Performance Optimization
  • SOLR
  • Infosistema DMM
  • Database Administration insights

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